Why Us

Why Goodwill Fabrics?


Goodwill Fabrics Pvt. Ltd. has a long-running history of delivering high standard and quality products in the Textile industry.

This effort of bringing together an excellence in Human resources, Machine, Material and Management, lets Goodwill fabrics Pvt. Ltd retain and attract its Customers.

Goodwill Fabrics Pvt. Ltd. believes that quality people, will bring about a quality process, which results in good products.


Goodwill Fabrics Pvt. Ltd’s vertical integration to its downstream processes enables it to achieve economies of scale, as well as one stop shopping textile and garment concept, that provides a variety of products catering to each of the customer`s range of demands.


Goodwill Fabrics Pvt. Ltd. is dedicated to putting forward, up-to-date design and collection by closely working together with customers employing its state of the art technology, as well as R&D efforts to create cutting edge products and materials.


The efficient cost structure of Goodwill Fabrics Pvt. Ltd. is supported by its vertical integration, in house production of fabrics & garments in one value chain, which allows for optimal coordination & swift production. Goodwill Fabrics Pvt. Ltd. also incurs no transportation costs, as the production is done under one roof, hence a short lead time, and a speedy delivery.


Goodwill Fabrics Pvt. Ltd. outstanding integrated planning and time management gives it the ability to execute on-time delivery, which is crucial to both Goodwill Fabrics Pvt. Ltd.  and its customer`s procurement and warehousing strategy.