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Goodwill Fabrics Private Limited is a leading government recognised STAR export house, manufacturing high-quality garments since 1995.

Welcome to Goodwill Fabrics Group

Revolutionizing supply chains, our initiative sparks transformation with a focus on innovation and sustainability.

Goodwill Fabrics Private Limited, headquartered in Bengaluru, proudly operates 6 manufacturing factories with over 3000 employees and a machinery arsenal of over 2000+ machines spread across three Indian states. Our vertically integrated fabric mill stands as a testament to our dedication to quality and innovation, producing an impressive 3 million meters of fabric monthly. From our workforce to our production processes, we are committed to excellence, ensuring that each fabric we produce upholds the highest standards of quality and ethics.

Years of Innovation, Quality & Commitment.

Sustainability Is Crucial

Surging ahead sustainably, forging a path of responsible progress!

At Goodwill Fabrics Private Limited, we take immense pride in our environmental responsibility, evident through our vertically integrated model fostering sustainable practices throughout the traceable supply chain. Our garment manufacturing factories are solar-powered, recognized and applauded by the Government of India and our global clients

Sustainability is the key to our success. We persistently lessen our environmental impact and amplify our positive social influence, forging a purpose-driven path toward enduring prosperity.

Why Goodwill Fabrics?

Solutions for Diverse Needs: Client-Centric, Quality-Driven, Vertically Aligned.

We specialize in manufacturing and exporting premium-quality apparel, meeting diverse needs of Garment Industry with unmatched excellence and precision.



At the heart of our success lies the unparalleled quality of our products. Our garments adhere to the stringent AQL 1.5 standards, reflecting our commitment to quality craftsmanship. Establishing enduring partnerships, we prioritize customer satisfaction, valuing long-term relationships with our clients.

Product Diversification3

Product Diversification3

We craft both woven and knitted garments, focusing on 60% bottoms and 40% tops in our production. Our versatile range caters predominantly to men, women, and kids, featuring shorts, pants, shirts, dresses, skirts, and formal attire.



Automation – Auto CAD spreader and cutter, Welt Pocket machines, Digital pattern cutter

Cost Efficiency3

Cost Efficiency3

In our vertically integrated factories, cost efficiency is paramount in garment production. Streamlining processes from fabric creation to finished product allows us to optimize resources, minimize waste, and enhance overall production efficiency. This vertical integration enables us to deliver high-quality garments at competitive prices, ensuring a sustainable and economically sound manufacturing process.



Ensuring seamless delivery, we offer FOB options for both air and sea shipments. Our flexible turnaround times of 60, 90, and 120 days cater to diverse needs, providing clients with efficient and reliable solutions for timely and cost-effective garment deliveries.

Our Corporate Social Responsibility

Stitching a Better World: Empowering Lives, Enriching Communities — Our Commitment to Corporate Social Responsibility.

Women Empowerment

At Goodwill Fabrics Private Limited, we’re dedicated to empowering women through economic independence, achieved via skill development and employment opportunities. Committed to gender equality, mentorship, and collaboration, we recognize the fashion industry’s role in fostering self-expression. By celebrating individuality, encouraging style experimentation, and promoting confidence, we believe in empowering women to take ownership of their unique identities within the transformative realm of fashion.

Social Initiatives

Embracing Social Initiatives, our CSR activities prioritize ethical practices: No child or forced labor, ensuring worker health and safety, respecting freedom of association and non-discrimination. We uphold fair compensation, maintain working hours, and implement robust management systems. Additionally, our environmental responsibility includes reducing the carbon footprint and adopting sustainable practices like rainwater harvesting.

Conducting Trainings

At Goodwill Fabrics, employee development is paramount. We collaborate with NGO's and govt recognised institutes. These initiatives aim to enhance skills, refine workmanship, and promote overall well-being. Through these partnerships, we ensure a motivated and empowered workforce dedicated to excellence and sustainable practices.

Experience our History

Since 1982

All Clothing Categories

Custom Fabrics , Color & Styles.

We have developed our expertise in designing and manufacturing quality menswear, womens & kids wear.

Hall of Fame

Global Recognition & Certifications

Goodwill Fabrics carries massive amount of experience and technical knowledge of knitted apparel manufacturing and supplying. Our certifications and recognitions speak volumes of our credibility and authority in the field of apparel manufacturing. We are the recipients of various awards that adds laurels to our already glorified path that enables us to produce greater and superior apparel products.


We are custom made clothing manufacturer & fabrics export house from Bangalore, Karnataka.

70 mins

away from Bangalore.

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From modest beginnings, we have grown into a world authority and the go-to source for major clothing brands. Utilising cutting-edge technology, we have left our mark globally with items that are not only stylish but also exceptionally well-made.


Bhilwara, Rajasthan


Gwalior, Madhya Pradesh


Dharmapuri, Tamil Nadu


Bangalore, Karnataka


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Can textiles lead the way during the pandemic?

Can textiles lead the way during the pandemic?

Can textiles lead the way during the pandemic?


What Our Clients Say


I highly recommend Goodwill Fabric if you are thinking about designing and manufacturing a product line.

Suny Roy

Goodwill Fabrics epitomizes excellence in service. Their dedicated team tirelessly searched for the perfect jewellery manufacturer for my brand. With their vast network and expertise, they streamlined the process, allowing me to focus on design while they managed the supply chain seamlessly. Goodwill Fabrics is truly a trusted partner, elevating my brand to new heights.


The team at Goodwill Fabric has gone above and beyond to help me find a new jewellery manufacturer. They did all the research and used their contacts to narrow down a number of suitable providers who were able to produce the quality of jewellery I was after. The Goodwill team is like my staff on the ground, they provide me with quick updates and are easily contactable. Having the Goodwill team work with my brand has helped me focus on design rather than getting caught up in the supply chain.


Thank you team. It was a pleasure working with you all. We look forward to more projects in the near future.


Goodwill Fabrics’ vertically aligned production is exceptional. Their seamless process ensures top-notch quality from fabric to fashion. With their sustainable practices and innovative approach, they've elevated our brand to new heights. Goodwill Fabrics is our trusted partner, delivering excellence every step of the way.


Thank you so much for your time and your
commitment to deadlines, and your follow up to every request I made, I really appreciate this collaboration with Goodwill Fabrics!


Choosing Goodwill Fabrics was the best decision for our brand. Their vertically aligned production process guarantees unmatched quality and efficiency. From weaving to garment manufacturing, they've exceeded our expectations. With their commitment to sustainability, they're not just a supplier but a partner in our success story.

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